Free Update
We provide free updates to our CADlook Viewer customers within the purchased version or to different versions only if a valid, non-expired maintenance contract is on record.

You may obtain the date information of your copy of CADlook Viewer by selecting Help/About CADlook... from the menu bar.

The latest update for CADlook 25.0 is Jan 28, 2023. To obtain the update, click here to download CADlook Viewer 25.0 update package.

How to Install Update

1. Unzip the file that you have downloaded.
2. Double click on the CADlook64V25.msi .
3. Follow on-screen instructions. Your CADlook V25.0 will be automatically updated. Start your CADlook Viewer. Check the date information. It should reflect the new date. You do not need to re-install your license when you install an update.

Support is provided to the most recent release version only. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost products to you.

Replace Old PC or Reformat PC Harddisk
If you replace an old PC with a CADlook license on and wish to install the CADlook license on the new PC, you need to have the same machine name for your new PC. You can use your license key for the old PC to install CADlook on your new PC.

If you reformat the harddisk of a PC with a CADlook license and wish to re-install the CADlook license on the PC, you need to keep the name of the PC. You can use your license key to install CADlook on your reformatted PC.

Move License to Another Machine
CADlook licenses are machine-locked. However, we do allow our users to move license to a different machine, although this feature is not intended for moving the license between machines frequently. If you need to do that, you need to purchase additional licenses for those machines.

To move your license to a different machine, click the Windows menu Start | CADlook64_v25.0 | Uninstall or Move CADlook License. Then follow on screen instructions to move your license.

Associate File Type with CADlook
CADlook installation does not automatically associate file types with CADlook executable. So if you double click on your CAD files, CADlook will not automatically start. However, you can perform the association yourself with Windows by following the steps.

Export SAT/X_T Files to Be Read Into Other Systems
By default, CADlook always exports files in the latest version of a specific file format. However, if you try to import these files into your system (e.g., Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, etc.), you may have problems if your system does not handle the latest version. You can specify an earlier version when you export files from CADlook through the Options | File Processing Options dialog.

Why some of my faces disappear when I import CADlook's IGES/STEP files into SolidWorks
By default, SolidWorks will "merge" faces upon importing files. Your faces may have been merged away. Unchecking the "Merge Entities" from the Option menu when you import files into SolidWorks will fix this problem.

If you have any questions or problems, please drop us an email describing the problem.

Particular File
If you have problems with a particular file, we appreciate that you attach the file to your email. If the file is big, please zip it before attaching. If the file is over 10 Meg, let us know. We will find another way to get it over.

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